On Change

A given: Change is inevitable. The corollary to certainty is that change is distressing and that an undesirable outcome is not necessarily inescapable. The key to accepting change is one’s disposition, one’s willingness and outlook, one’s desire to change – adaptation. Eventually, embrace it. Grab the joystick. First thing, take care of your health. These examples of using life enhancing accessories are simply ways of ensuring your independence to pursue and enrich life’s pleasures. It is a mindset that reliance on assistive aids has a negative, debilitating stigma – a stench of inadequacy, frailty, ineptitude. The good news: For whatever physical challenge, there’s probably an effective solution. Just be proactive in finding and using it. Think on Jules Renard’s comment: It’s not how old you are but how you are old.

Again, we’re talking about outlook. We easily acquire the desire required to visit our grandkids or to bite into a delicious dessert; however, the desire to be active easily fades when it comes to recognizing and accepting the need for help. But the power of a proactive disposition does wonders for desire when one sees and feels the positive outcomes of addressing the inevitable and using the benefits of support and services. Bottom line: Change is a constant. One’s ability to shift your new normal will always be the secret to adapting to that constant.