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Most articles herein are fiction. The persons, circumstances or quotes are the fancy of the author presented in an article that recaps past Club events or entertains the reader or invokes a dialogue on intriguing issues. References to real people, events, organizations or locales are intentional but not necessarily meaningful in their use. Simply, they provide the feel of a believable narrative, though little of it is to be construed as God’s honest truth or being endorsed by the SSC.

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On Change

March 31st, 2020|

On Change A given: Change is inevitable. The corollary to certainty is that change is distressing and that an undesirable outcome is not necessarily inescapable. The key to accepting change is one's disposition, one's willingness [...]

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What’s in a Name? Why ‘The Moxie Muse’?

February 19th, 2020|

What's in a Name? Why 'The Moxie Muse'? With thanks to Webster, Oxford and Roget for their assistance in crafting this word play to explain the reason for this Newsletter moniker suggestion: Moxie – a [...]

In Search for an Editor and Writers

The communication staff of the SSC are asking for volunteers – an editor and writers for the Newsletter. The successful candidate for editor is that the Member be a smart person who can make sense of this:

‘Olny srmat poelpe can raed tihs. I cnaont blveiee taht I cna aulaclty uesdnatnrd waht I ma raedngi !’

If you can, you can be the editor. If you can’t, you are still a great prospect for writing the articles published in ‘The Moxie Muse”. Inexperience isn’t an excuse – there’s an editor. Embarrassment isn’t an excuse – use a pseudonym. Lack of humour isn’t an excuse – if you aren’t ‘ha-ha’ funny be clever; it covers up a lot of foibles. Get out of your comfort zone! Hold on! Upon further consideration edit this piece. Half of my writing is a waste of time. I wish I knew which half. Please let me know. Accept the mission. Please submit a resume (the edited version of the above reading challenge and your editing comments to this plea) to the President of the SSC.

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Writing prose is not the only form for ‘articles’ accepted for Newsletter submissions. Awesome photographs, poems, puzzles – anything that is printable will be received with the understanding that the editor has license to edit your work prior to publishing.

In the Raves or Rants section of the Newsletter, contributors are asked to parley their perspective and attitude into a cogent, persuasive position unlike the bellicose, rambling taunts spewed by some politicians and sports colour commentators. Heaven forbid we should mimic our leaders. We ask, on bended knee, for a simple take on anything that interests you and that may motivate our readership. Appropriate titles for this centrefold section would be appreciated.

Check out the first ‘articles’ for this first edition. The initial submissions are the ‘Autum at the Public Docks’ photo by Rose Rice and the excerpt from the children’s epic poem “Pink Elephants” written by Trudy Heins. Mucho kudos from the very appreciative communication staff for your bravery.