What’s in a Name? Why ‘The Moxie Muse’?

With thanks to Webster, Oxford and Roget for their assistance in crafting this word play to explain the reason for this Newsletter moniker suggestion: Moxie – a noun meaning “force of character, energy, ingenuity”; “courage, pluck, guts, perseverance”; and a soft drink trademark; Muse – a noun representing” Zeus’ nine daughters, the goddesses of literature, arts & sciences; the inspiration of poets and artists”; and “source of inspiration and creativity. The synonym, mews, is the collective term for a set of buildings that have been repurposed for dwellings.

The rationale for “Moxie Muse’ follows from definition, history and anticipation of the SSC Newsletter’s purpose. Envision it as a representation of the Members’ determination, endurance, courage and self-confidence. The journal represents the backbone of the Club publically recounting the Members’ escapades, accomplishments and future. Their fighting spunk inks the spirit of the articles while their boldness colours the display of that on the website.

If this attempt at identifying the Club’s Newsletter isn’t appropriate or liked please offer other options for this SSC communication format. A free monthly dinner ticket is the prize for the winning entry.