Club Structure

The Club’s organizational structure is simple. An Executive of six Members, elected annually and a Board of Directors of seven Members, appointed annually administer the Constitution and Bylaws. There are two Standing Committees (Constitution and Budget) and periodically Ad Hoc Committees. Both Executive and General Membership meetings are held on the first Tuesday of every month.

The Skead Seniors Centre is a multi-purpose facility serving seniors and the local community. All activities plus their management are organized and run by the Members themselves. Programs and activities change regularly in response to the season and the interests and skills of the Members. Please check our monthly Calendar

Image of a table full of Skead Senior Centre members enjoying a Drop-In social night
Image that shows the fun side of Skead Senior Centre wearing fun hats in their kitchen centre
Image of a cooking class that is taking place as a part of being a Skead Senior Centre member

Who Can Join?

Almost anyone!!
Membership is open to residents of Skead as well as non-residents. All applicants must meet the strict requirements of SSC membership status. Don’t fret. There’s only one. Interested individuals who were born in the last century and are 50 and plus are invited to join the SSC. If a partner is under 50, he or she may also become a Member.

What Does It Cost?

A mere pittance!!
Membership in the Skead Senior Citizens Club is annual (January to December) and costs $20.00 per person, including HST. There is no fee for Members over 79 but the partner under 80 pays full fare.

What Are the Benefits?

Enough to fill your dance card!!

Membership includes a SSC Newsletter, ‘The Moxie Muse’, and monthly Calendar (available online or a printed version at the Centre), access to all the programmes, craft rooms, woodworking shop, seminars, group outings, monthly dinners, special events and all drop-in activities.

How do I Join?

Just ask!!

To become a Member, simply contact the SSC via email, phone, snail mail or visit the Centre. Complete a membership form and hand over the $20.

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