Welcome to the SSC Online Catalogue

Browse from home or attend one of our craft sales or drop in to the Centre to view our products. Find the ‘one of a kind’ gift or ideal piece of furniture for yourself. 

To purchase from this catalogue please call the Centre (705.969.3909) and speak to our conscientious order clerk (pictured on the left). In spite of the mechanized, scripted greeting please record your order by citing the name of the item, its price and your phone number. A motivated hard(ly) at work salesperson (not pictured) will return your call to request additional details and make arrangements for payment and pick up. The email option functions similarly – send us your order and you’ll receive a reply from another e-motivated employee (not pictured). Allow one week for a response.

There aren’t many conditions on the purchase of SSC crafted products. Just pay the piper in return for a quality built craft from the SSC and enjoy the feeling of getting a good bargain.

Contact Us To Inquire


To maintain a high level of security the SSC processes your payment and personal information by speaking directly with you for that stuff. Optionally, you can send an email detailing what you want along with a call-back phone number. The preferred method of ordering and payment for your purchase is mano a mano (in person) at the Centre.


Please note, there isn’t a functional shopping cart on the SSC website. The Club doesn’t use encrypted transmissions to a secured server because the communication staff is not sure what that means and quite frankly it scares me. For payment of your purchases the SSC only accepts cash in Canadian funds. Heck, on a slow day Canadian Tire money may do. Other means of contra payment is not acceptable; as our shed is full. If the item is not currently in stock or you have a custom order a downpayment of 20% is required before the order is processed.

Image of homemade bird feeders for sale through the gallery at the Skead Senior Centre
shiny baubles on a log


Shipping costs will be added to your purchase only if the SSC delivers your purchase to you. They will be calculated based upon the destination and mood of the shipping department that day. The SSC suggests you avoid Friday – it’s a short work day.


If you have a problem with any merchandise we will gladly provide you with a list of our competitors. Kidding aside, just call the SSC and ask for assistance from the e-motivated employee with whom you placed your order. However, the more satisfying return method is ‘mano a mano’. Come to the Centre. We’ll sort things out over a coffee. It is preferred that all returned items are in the original unopened factory packaging. If not, a box of brew will do because no sale is a final sale.