Drop-In Activities

No formal registration is required for Drop-In Activities.

Generally, they are organized at will and are run by volunteer Members. Guests are welcome. There is no drop-in fee for most activities. For some though, there may be a donation request; if so, the fee applies to both Members and guests.

Examples of these social events include but are not limited to: one day local excursions, health care seminars, ‘Q and A’ talks on various topics, and joint organization functions. The Centre is open daily for casual drop-in activities.

Cards – Euchre and Cribbage

Strategy is at the heart of these decks ‘n pegs ‘n trump ‘n skunks ‘n bowers games. Hardly! If you can answer the following questions correctly you are welcome. Even if you can’t, we’ll give you the answers.

a) What king doesn’t sport a mustache?

b) What is the collective name for the face cards of one suit?

At this drop-in activity players can choose between a game played with fewer than half the deck or one where you chase your opponent around an oval track plugged with holes. If that’s what keeps your deck shuffled, join us! The serious players arrive early while the not-so-serious gamers come for the snacks and puzzle play.

For those who get revved up for competition, there is an in-house tournament on every second Tuesday of each month as well as another monthly challenge with members of the Falconbridge Club. Interested players please phone Barb at 705.969.4633 for further details.


The facility is open daily to crafters and woodworkers; that is, to all Members who want to create, copy, build or play with textiles (fabric, wool, weaving), wood, paint, stained glass, beads – whatever.  If you want to learn or teach a skill, join us. A major benefit to participation in this activity is the social interaction throughout the planning and creation of season-specific craft projects. The SSC offers two areas for craft production – a main workroom and the shop. Members are invited to help produce items for two major SSC fundraising tea and craft fairs. Along with helping in these volunteer commitments, Members may use the SSC’s equipment and facility to complete personal projects at the Centre. 

Often, on Wednesday afternoons, mini workshops are conducted by willing Members. A small fee is charged to cover the material costs. Details of these various sessions will be posted online in the Calendar.

Monthly Dinners

On the third Thursday of every month, the SSC celebrates the birthdays of its Members by hosting a meal (breakfast, lunch or dinner) determined by the convenor of each specific event. Details of time and cost are posted on the SSC Calendar.

Tai Chi

Whether it’s “meditation in motion” or “medication in motion” the health benefits of tai chi are indisputable. Go with the flow; cultivate the ‘qi’. Regardless of the vocabulary, don’t fret it. Join the gentle stretch exercise group at 11:00 am on Wednesdays for this introductory series of classes. These relaxing, meditative time outs are presented via a DVD featuring tai chi masters. The health and harmony sessions are part of the Club’s overall health and wellness objectives. The drop-in fee is a drop in the jar – literally. If you have the time, bring your lunch for an apres-reflection social.

Woodworking Shop

The wood shop is the production centre of the SSC and as such is central to all fundraising ventures of the Club. It is equipped with industrial woodworking machinery and a variety of hand power tools for construction of lawn and garden furniture and tables; scroll saw, turning and carving projects; and smaller wood crafts such as pyrography and sign making. Projects are made from cedar and pine rough, dressed, live edge lumber and repurposed pallets and poles. At anytime, you may see on-going adirondack chair construction, a live edge table fitted with legs, hardware added to a bird-feeder while at another station a Member is learning how to dovetail a drawer.

Members have daily access to the facility for personal projects, Club sponsored craft shows and custom orders. The Members believe that their work defines them; hence, their signature: … because SSC standards are not standard.

Image of a group of ladies from the Skead Senior Centres club who are taking part in a Baking Mini Lesson and enjoying their yummy creations
Image of popcorn in a classic container

Baking Mini Lessons

Members volunteer to demonstrate their techniques and secrets in baking their unique treat. At each lesson, participants get step by step instructions, recipes and tasty samples to take home. A contribution to the dough bowl offsets the costs of hands on learning and feasting on the morsels of the bounty following the lesson. Check the Calendar for scheduled bake-offs.

Movie Day

Romance, horror, humour, drama (we have enough in our lives) – whatever the movie getter gets. On the third Friday of each month at 1:00 pm a member-selected movie is featured. Join us for the flick and stay to chat. Munchies are appreciated.

Image of a remote pointed at a sports game
Image of a group of people on snowmobiles on the lake near the Skead Senior Centre

Pro Sports Championship Finals

NHL, ABL/NBL, CFL, NFL, NBA, NCAA championship game nights are viewed here. Don’t be the odds out Member. Bring your bravado, bucks ‘n food stuff. Leave logic at home. Chance wins.

Our coverage and wagering begin an hour before the puck is dropped. Mini pools and trivia games test the bluster and swagger of all participants. These potluck affairs challenge our gastrointestinal fortitude as well as our pseudo-athletic persona. Check the Calendar for game night details.

Snowmobiling and Ice Fishing

Several Members have snowmobiles and enjoy riding the STP network in the Sudbury region as well as jigging a line in the area’s frozen lakes. All sledders wishing to accompany Members on Lake Wahnapitae or an STP run are welcome. Here’s a tip up to confirm daytrip jaunts – check the Calendar for dates and times of the scheduled trips and call the Centre for any last minute outings.

Special Events

Throughout the year, the SSC organizes a number of special events.

All variety of fundraising events are open to the public. This page gins up support for our special events and lures you into attending fun-filled fundraisers. Yet again, here’s another plug for paying for unique stuff that is not part of the daily programmes and services offered through the SSC.

Following are some of the diverse and distinctive activities planned for this year: Lite the Night, Spring Craft Show, Art Tours and Fishing Derby. Because of space or equipment restrictions some events require registration. If registration is required, it must be done in person. If there is a participation fee, payment is in cash at least one day prior to the occasion. For details on each event, refer to our Calendar and the posted advertisement or visit the Centre during its regular operating hours.

Find Special Events on our Calendar