Renovations began in May of that year. Over the years, regular system upgrades and renovations to our building have ensured compliance with all health and safety standards.

Our contemporary kitchen, equipped craft rooms and shop facilities are central to our social and fundraising activities. The Centre’s website and electronic signage attests to the Club’s commitment to staying connected and involved with the ever-changing technological demands for effective communication.

Since its founding, the Club has focused on uniting local seniors – keeping them active, productive, informed and engaged in community affairs. The Members are talented, risk-taking and industrious. We’re busy with a morning tai chi workout, making an adirondack chair or stained glass lamp often followed by a lunch with friends to plan another local escapade to a food trade show, Cinefest or beer tasting event. Perhaps along the way we may drop by the post office to pick up a parcel that was effortlessly ordered online. Many Members count their daily steps and tote an android phone (not an Apple product – too expensive for a fixed income). Proudly, we take aging in stride. ‘Old’ is not in our vocabulary (except in reference to vintage wine and outstanding cheddar) or our behaviour or performance. Above all, we embrace life; walk tall and speak out.